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NEWS: Microsoft Bitlocker Administration & Monitoring announced

imageYesterday, we announced today the latest addition to MDOP.  I know many of you have anticipated a better solution for monitoring, recovery, and reporting of BitLocker and that solution is coming.

MBAM builds on BitLocker in Windows 7 and offers an enterprise solution for BitLocker provisioning, monitoring and key recovery.  MBAM will help simplify BitLocker provisioning and deployments, improve compliance and reporting, and reduce support costs.

Simplify Provisioning and Deployment

  • Integrates into existing Windows 7 deployment process: Organizations can integrate the MBAM client into their task sequence setup in System Center Configuration Manager/ Microsoft Deployment Toolkit or their other Windows 7 deployment tools.  The client then automates the encryption process as part of the deployment.
  • End Users Can Start the Encryption Process: For organizations that deploy MBAM after they have deployed Windows 7, the MBAM agent provides a standard user the ability to start the encryption process.   This enhances the BitLocker out of box experience where the end user must have administrative rights to accomplish this.
  • Target only the hardware you want to encrypt: IT Professionals can exclude hardware by make and model, making sure that only machines capable of meeting the encryption policy are encrypted.

Improve Compliance and Reporting

  • Know how compliant the organization is: Security administrators and IT Professionals can understand which machines are encrypted and meet the organizational policy through out of the box reports.
  • More secure recovery key storage: IT Professionals have an alternative to storing BitLocker recovery key information in Active Directory.  Machines with the MBAM client will send BitLocker recovery key information to an encrypted SQL database.

Reduce Support Costs

  • Streamline key recovery for the help desk:  MBAM provides a web page that allows the help desk to quickly get the user’s recovery key if they get into BitLocker recovery mode.  The help desk no longer needs access to Active Directory when the organization is using MBAM.
  • Use a recovery key only once: When a recovery key is retrieved and used, the MBAM client will automatically generate a new recovery key for that PC so that the original key cannot be used to gain access to the machine again
  • Empower end users to do the basics:  MBAM allows an end user with standard user rights to perform basic BitLocker tasks like changing their PIN or start the encryption process which saves them from calling the help desk.

More on MBAM is available on the Windows Team Blog:
Microsoft Announces Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring


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