Posted by: kurtsh | February 4, 2011

RELEASE: Opalis Integration Pack for SharePoint released to Codeplex

[Again, stolen from the System Center blog]

imageCharles Joy has written up a post and recorded another great 8 minute video demo to showcase the new SharePoint Integration Pack (IP).  The Integration Pack for Microsoft SharePoint enables you to manipulate SharePoint Lists and Libraries (e.g. Document Libraries, Image Libraries etc.) to add, modify and remove entries, files and attachments. 

This is an IP that was created using the Quick Integration Kit (QIK) which allows anybody to create their own IP’s.

The SharePoint IP was created by one of our support engineers, Jeff Fanjoy and you can access the documentation and download the files here

This Integration Pack adds the following objects to Opalis Integration Server:

  • Create List Item
  • Delete Attachment
  • Delete Document
  • Delete List Item
  • Download Attachment
  • Download Document
  • Get Attachment List
  • Get List Item
  • Monitor List Item
  • Update List Item
  • Upload Attachment

VIDEO:  8 Minute Demo – Opalis & SharePoint, Together At Last


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