Posted by: kurtsh | January 21, 2011

RELEASE: NEW Integration Packs for Opalis Automation Platform

imageI am very excited to see the growth of our Opalis community, and today I would like to show you some examples of this.

Charles Joy, one of our resident Opalis uber-smart guys (and one half of the “Opalis Guys”) has posted 3 new Integration Packs to Codeplex.  You can read his post here which describes in more detail what the IP’s do.

The new IP’s he has posted are:

Here is an example of some of the automated tasks that can now be integrated into Opalis workflows:

  • Text Manipulation:
    • Blank Line Search and Destroy
    • Count Character Occurrence Text
    • Find Character Occurrence Text
    • In File Replace Text
    • Keyword Range Search and Destroy Text
    • Keyword Search and Destroy Text
    • Passthrough Text
    • Replace Text
  • MSSQL Tasks:
    • Test MSSQL Connection
    • Deploy MSSQL Scripts
    • Get OIS Variable Info
    • Update OIS Variable Value
    • Generate XML from MSSQL
  • Windows Tasks:
    • File and Directory maintenance
      • extends the functionality of the Delete File, Delete Folder, and Get File Status Objects
    • Multi-Server WMI Query
      • extends the functionality of the Query WMI, and Get Process Status Objects

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