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INFO: Tools & Training for SharePoint Architects & Admins (Part 2)

For ultra-hard core guerilla-intense style training that goes beyond what traditionally is taught – we see a lot of customers going to Critical Path training or SharePoint Bootcamp.  This is a list of their administration courses:

The only catch is that the courses aren’t necessarily local to Los Angeles however some are available online.

(FREE) SharePoint Server Webcasts, Virtual Labs, and Podcasts: 
Use these online resources today to learn how Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 can help improve organizational effectiveness.

(FREE) Additional SharePoint Virtual Labs and Labcasts (hands on experience with Microsoft hosted SharePoint systems that you can use and administer):

(FREE) Video demos and training for Office SharePoint Server 2007

(FREE) Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 TechCenter (Great starting point for developers and administrators):

(FREE) End User Training Kit:
(Install this on your SharePoint portal and users can access this training)

(FREE) Customizable Everyday Productivity Education (EPE) content developed by Microsoft IT for end user training:

(SOME FREE) Office SharePoint System – Learning Portal:

(SOME FREE) End-User Training Clips:

Microsoft E-Learning Courses:

Microsoft SharePoint Academy:

Mindsharp Computer-Based Training:

Classroom Training:

Southern California-Based Partner-Led Training:

SharePoint Designer
SharePoint Designer helps you create and customize SharePoint Web sites and building workflow-enabled applications based on SharePoint technologies. Here are a couple of links to get familiar with SharePoint Designer. You can download an evaluation copy here: (

Books – Microsoft Press


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