Posted by: kurtsh | December 31, 2010

HOWTO: Instantly kill all instances of Internet Explorer

imageI’m sure this is a pain for a lot of people.  You have one Internet Explorer window that freezes and as a result, every Internet Explorer windows is locked up & not even right mouse click “CLOSE”ing the Internet Explorer windows in the taskbar will allow you to close the offending instance of IE. 

So now you have to go to Task Manager and kill the IEXPLORE.EXE process that is hosing you but this is a hunt-and-pecking game since you don’t know off the cuff what IEXPLORE.EXE instance represents the frozen window, so you end up randomly killing IEXPLORE.EXE processes until things return to normal.  Ugh.

Here’s a quick script to simply kill every IEXPLORE.EXE process running assuming you have administrative privileges.  Note that since you likely have Internet Explorer 8 and that with site recovery turned on, it’s easy to return back to all those site you were visiting previously:

  1. Start a new text file (i.e. run notepad.exe)
  2. Enter the following batch commands:

    @echo off
    taskkill /f /IM iexplore.exe
    start iexplore.exe

  3. Save the text file as RESTARTIEXPLORE.BAT.  (Note the extension saved is .BAT and not .TXT.  You’ll need to change the “Save as type” to “All Files (*.*)” to modify the extension)

The next time you run into the dreaded, never-ending Internet Explorer freeze, simply double click the .BAT file and BOOM:  Internet Explorer will VERY QUICKLY end & reappear allowing you to return to the sites you were visiting.  I drag & drop this .BAT file into the QuickLinks tray or the START menu.


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