Posted by: kurtsh | November 21, 2010

HOWTO: Earn Microsoft Points for Xbox Live by using Bing as your search engine

imageWant yet another reason to switch using Bing as your search engine?

You can earn 1 Microsoft Point for every search you do on Bing using the Bing Rewards program.

And here’s something even better:  When you sign up for Bing Rewards, you automatically receive 250 search credits – as if you’d already searched using Bing 250 times.

Bing’s every bit as good as Google for searches and in many scenarios, like air travel, sports scores, and other specific areas, it’s much better.  But just as importantly – if you’re gonna search the Internet, why not get paid for it?  Bing Rewards allows you do get PAID.

It’s easy to start getting free Xbox Live credit just for searching the Internet.  How do you start, you ask?

  1. Sign up for Bing Rewards.  You’ll need to have a Windows Live ID.
  2. Install the Bing Toolbar & Bing Rewards BHO Helper Object.  The toolbar & Helper object helps keep track of each search.  NOTE:  It does NOT track what you searched for – only that you did in fact search the Internet using Bing.
  3. Be sure to configure the Bing Toolbar to log you in.
  4. Visit the Bing Rewards redemption page to redeem your points for Microsoft Point cards.  (400 point increments)

That’s it.  Redeem your points after you get 400 searches. 

WARNING:  In order for you to get credit for your searches, you apparently have to search from either the Search field in Internet Explorer 8.0 or the Bing Search bar itself.  Otherwise you search count tally won’t increment.  (It shows your total number of searches in the Bing Bar itself.)


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