Posted by: kurtsh | October 31, 2010

DOWNLOAD: Free Microsoft Press eBook, “Programming Windows Phone 7” by Charles Petzold

imageWanna start developing for for Windows Phone 7 soup to nuts?

It’s not hard.  All the tools are available for free.  That includes the Integrated Development Environment and the compiler, the frameworks, and of course THE BOOK. 

Charles Petzold put together this huge tome that shows how any developer can get started with the C# programming language and develop the Silverlight and XNA 2D frameworks.

As taken from the Microsoft Press post:

Gang, we’re done! 24 chapters, about 1,000 pages. Congratulations to Charles, who has outdone himself!

Speaking for Charles and for the Windows Phone 7 team, we hope that you will enjoy Programming Windows Phone 7:

You can download a PDF here (38.6 MB).

And you can download the ebook’s sample code here (5.03 MB).


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