Posted by: kurtsh | October 28, 2010

NEWS: Quick summary of Steve Ballmer’s Keynote at PDC10

imageHere’s a quick roll up of some of the major announcements during Steve Ballmer’s opening keynote at PDC10 in Redmond, WA.

  1. Every paying attendee at the PDC will receive at Windows Phone 7 device of their choice.
  2. Pixar on stage with Windows Azure team – will be rendering movies in Azure using RenderMan in the cloud
  3. Announced over 1000+ apps for Windows Phone 7 will ship at launch
  4. Showed the never-before-seen Kindle app for WP7
  5. Ripped Google for acquiring companies and not integrating them in their cloud
  6. Java will be first class citizen (double smack against Google’s poor Java support & Apple’s deprecating comments about Java this week)
  7. Announced the Windows Azure VM role and Server App Virtualization … so sick!
  8. New to Windows Azure, Microsoft’s operating system in the cloud:  Remote Desktop, Virtual Networks, Multiple Admin support
  9. Team Foundation Server in the Cloud/Azure will allow Google or Yahoo authentication/sign in


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