Posted by: kurtsh | October 21, 2010

NEWS: Ray Ozzie posts the Windows 1.0 Press Kit to DOCS.COM

clip_image002Ray Ozzie posts the Windows 1.0 Press Kit to DOCS.COM (6.1MB)


So full of WIN.

There’s a table comparing Windows to other competitors in the market during that time such as TopView & GEM.

The entire press document was created on Microsoft Windows 1.0 using Windows Write.  Egad.

It boasts about “breaking through the 640k barrier” and “standardizing on a shared driver model for peripherals like the Hercules Graphics card, IBM CGA and EGA adapters and printers such as Okidata 192, Epson FX-80s, IBM Proprinters, and HP 7470A plotters.  It also talks about the “Mouse Systems mouse”.  Remember that thing?  With the reflective plate?


Wow.  Good times.

(And apparently, we’ve been using Wag Ed for PR for a lot longer than I imagined.)


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