Posted by: kurtsh | October 21, 2010

BETA: Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization 2.0 public beta

imageThe MED-V team is excited to announce the Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization 2.0 public beta.

You’ll also want to check out the Windows for your Business Blog where we’ll give you guidance to help make the business case for Windows 7 and MED-V.

MED-V 2.0 enables Microsoft’s enterprise customers to migrate to Windows 7 while still leveraging existing legacy Windows XP line of business applications, including those based on Internet Explorer 6. MED-V 2.0 provides a seamless user experience while reducing overhead and simplifying management for IT Professionals.

Maintain Business Continuity

  • Unblock Windows 7 Migration due to application incompatibility: As enterprises adopt Windows 7, they find that most applications “just work.” They upgrade others, retire some, and use tools like the Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit as part of their migration strategy. MED-V solves “the last mile” of application compatibility for those applications that must run on Windows XP.
  • Redirect legacy web applications to Internet Explorer 6: Seamlessly redirect websites or individual web applications to Internet Explorer 6.
  • Remediate application incompatibility after migration without losing productivity: Enterprises can migrate to Windows 7 now, taking advantage of power savings, security benefits, or the opportunity to move to a 64-bit platform, without losing access to the applications they rely on to stay productive.

Easy to use

  • Streamlined sign-on to the MED-V workspace: Users can save their passwords for seamless sign-on to the MED-V workspace.
  • Seamless integration with local documents and network printers: Legacy applications work just like locally installed applications when it comes to opening, saving and printing documents.
  • A familiar user experience with Windows 7 UI integration: Windows. Applications. Documents. That’s what users want to interact with – not MED-V. MED-V 2.0 is integrated with the Windows 7 user interface, making application compatibility “just work.”

Simplified IT Management

  • Full integration with SCCM for deployment, patching and application delivery: In MED-V 2.0 there’s no dedicated management infrastructure to deploy. MED-V workspaces are deployed using existing Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) systems. MED-V workspaces can wake-to-patch or to receive software deployments. Full SCCM integration allows NAT-configured MED-V workspaces to communicate with the same SCCM sites and distribution points as the host PC.
  • Faster, simpler deployment with automated configuration: The MED-V Workspace Packager creates silent, self-contained packages that are ready-to-deploy.
  • Keep MED-V images thin by provisioning applications with App-V: MED-V and App-V are better together.

Register on Connect and download the beta today!


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