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RELEASE: BizTalk Server 2010

image Today we are excited to announce that we have Released to Manufacturing (RTM) BizTalk Server 2010 and it will be available for purchase starting October 1st, 2010.

BizTalk Server 2010 is the seventh major release of our flagship enterprise integration product, which includes new support for Windows Server AppFabric to provide pre-integrated support for developing new composite applications.  This allows customers to maximize the value of existing Line of Business (LOB) systems by integrating and automating their business processes, and putting real-time, end-to-end enterprise integration within reach of every customer.  All this coupled with the confidence of a proven mission-critical integration infrastructure that is available to companies of all sizes at a fraction of the cost of other competing products.

According to Steven Smith, President and Chief Executive Officer at GCommerce, “GCommerce has bet our mission-critical value-chain functionality on BizTalk Sever 2010 which we use to automate the secure and reliable exchange of information with our trading partners.   Additionally, the Windows Azure Platform allows us to extend our existing business-to-business process into new markets such as our cloud-based inventory solution called the Virtual Inventory Cloud (VIC), which is based upon Windows Azure and SQL Azure.   This extension to our trading platform allows us to connect our buyers experience from the purchasing process within VIC all the way through to the on-premises business systems built around BizTalk.  This new GCommerce capability drives both top-line revenue as well as reduces bottom line costs, by making special orders faster than before.” Details are available in the GCommerce case study.

The new BizTalk Server 2010 release enables businesses to:

  • Maximize existing investments by using pre-integrated BizTalk Server 2010 support with both Windows Server AppFabric and SharePoint Server 2010 to enable new composite application scenarios;

  • Further reduce total cost of ownership and enhance performance for large and mission-critical deployments through a new pre-defined dashboard that enables efficient performance tuning and streamlining deployments across environments, along with pre-integration with System Center;

  • Efficient B2B integration with highly-scalable Trading Partner Management and advanced capabilities for complex data mapping.

BizTalk Server 2010 also delivers updated platform support for Windows Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2008 R2, .NET Framework 4 and Visual Studio 2010.

BizTalk Server is the most widely deployed product in the enterprise integration space with over 10,000 customers and 81% of the Global 100. 

This release is another step in the on-going investments we have made in our application infrastructure technologies. Along with the releases earlier this calendar year of .NET Framework 4, Windows Server AppFabric and Windows Azure AppFabric, BizTalk Server 2010 makes it easier for customers to build composite applications that span both on-premises LOB systems and new applications deployed onto the public cloud. 

To learn more regarding the BizTalk Server 2010 release and download our new free developer edition, please visit BizTalk Server website; more detailed product announcements about BizTalk Server 2010 are also contained on the BizTalk Server product team blog.  You can learn more about Microsoft’s Application Infrastructure capabilities by exploring on-demand training at

[taken from Zane Adam’s blog]


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