Posted by: kurtsh | September 27, 2010

NEWS: Windows Live Spaces is moving to


Windows Live Spaces is moving to  There’s nothing much more for me to say than just to point to the original post off of the Windows Team Blog.

  1. imageWe will be moving all customers from Windows Live Spaces to via a migration system that has been built and tested over the past year plus.
  2. Messenger integration will be available to all users moving to
  3. You have until March 2011 but you should upgrade to today!
    • For now, you can still make posts to your Spaces blog, and you can decide when to upgrade.
    • Starting January 2011, if you haven’t upgraded yet, you will no longer be able to add content to your Spaces blog, but your existing content will still be visible. The same options to upgrade, download or delete your blog will still be available.
    • March 2011 will be the last chance for you to get your stuff. Why not upgrade today?
  4. Users can download their blog & embedded pictures to their local PC as well as migrate their content to  You can not however automatically download Windows Live SkyDrive photos, videos and files to your local PC in this automated fashion – this needs to be done manually.

This has been a fascinating experience.  My blog has existed since the very beginning of Windows Live Spaces so I have close to 7 years of content to download.  The transfer time will obviously vary depending on the user however I’ve been downloading my blog for a few minutes and it’s already up to 84MB in size.  (The transfer seems to be an FTP transfer of sorts called SPACES.ZIP because it doesn’t tell me how large the actual file is.)

Original post as follows:


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