Posted by: kurtsh | September 16, 2010

INFO: Top Sharepoint-based Internet Web Sites (feat. Live Labs Pivot)


If you haven’t seen this, this is an very impressive web site that leverages Silverlight & Microsoft Live Labs Pivot technology to graphically show the front pages of over 1000+ Sharepoint-based Internet facing Web Sites throughout the world. 

You can select criteria to rapidly filter and “re-pivot” around the following sorting categories:

  • Country (US, UK, Japan, Canada, etc.)
  • Industry (Healthcare, Financial, Prof Services, Manufacturing, Entertainment, etc.)
  • Rating (1-5)
  • Platform (MOSS2007, WSS v3, SPS2010, SPF 2010)
  • When Added (i.e. “age”)

As you filter, the images of the web sites reorganize themselves in a visually appealing manner to the eye. Live Pivot makes sorting and sifting through data a pleasant task for end users.  Give it a look see and at the very least, share it with other Sharepoint users so they can see how many people aren’t just using Sharepoint but using it as the basis of their External Web sites for its content management, search, and other out-of-the-box capabilities that minimize custom development.


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