Posted by: kurtsh | September 13, 2010

RELEASE: NoReplyAll v2.0 Outlook Add-In from Microsoft Research

Interested in avoiding company-wide “Reply-All Storms”?

Microsoft Research released a new version of the NoReplyAll Outlook Add-in to prevent Enterprise-wide “reply all storms” to known provocative emails or messages to get sent across distribution groups that are known to be large.

image NoReplyAll Outlook Add-In
The primary function of this add-in is to add a couple of buttons to the Outlook ribbon to prevent people from replying to all the recipients of your message or forwarding it. The add-in uses a facility built into Outlook and Exchange that is more lightweight than information-rights management but is not exposed in the existing UI. The add-in also includes a check for common email errors, such as omitting attachments or subject lines.

For more information visit the blog page for the “NoReplyAll Outlook Add-In” at for details on usage.


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