Posted by: kurtsh | August 31, 2010

DOWNLOAD: End user training resources for Office 2010 deployments

image I know at least one of you is in full deployment mode around Office 2010.  With that in mind, here are some poignant resources for educating the end user community around how to use Office 2010 relative to the previous Office. (XP?!?  Yecch.)

NOTE:  Each lesson has its own Silverlight-based video training & Quick Reference Card – for example:  “Word”

There’s a couple packages of content that are designed to be all-inclusive training material packages.  The first item is a 65MB collection of professionally done “leave-behinds”, “quick reference sheets”, etc. … for EVERY Office 2010 product. The second item is targeted at getting the IT dept to better understand Office 2010 and includes evangelism materials like posters, placards, email templates, etc.


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