Posted by: kurtsh | August 30, 2010

RELEASE: AT&T Tilt 2 Update available for download

image AT&T Tilt 2 Update available for download

HTC Tilt 2 (AT&T) ROM Update 2.10.502.4 | 08.30.2010
This software update is intended for the HTC Tilt 2 for AT&T only and users should not load or attempt to load this version on any other device as it may cause serious issues/damage.

Please note that during the update process, the device will be Hard Reset and anything that is NOT part of the Operating System (contacts, calendar, music, etc) will be permanently deleted; always make a point of backing up your device’s data on a regular basis!

What’s included:

  • HTC Sense replaces TouchFlo 3D
  • Ability to Format the SD Card directly in the device
  • Inconsistent Caller ID function Hotfix
  • TILT 2 Freezes in SMS application Hotfix
  • Phantom SMS/MMS Count Hotfix
  • Overall improvement in the devices stability/operation

DOWNLOAD:  HTC Tilt 2 (AT&T) ROM Update 2.10.502.4


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