Posted by: kurtsh | July 20, 2010

INFO: My Favorite Windows Gadgets

I find that I’ve become much more productive since the introduction of Windows Gadgets.  I’ve created a list here:!DA410C7F7E038D!7410/

Here’s a quick run down of my faves:

7 Sidebar
The missing ‘sidebar’ for Windows 7 that keeps your gadgets on screen.  Automatically crams as many gadgets along the side of your desktop as possible utilizing desktop space most efficiently.  Also allows pagination across multiple “bars” of gadgets.  Keeps the gadgets exposed on your desktop even when you’ve ‘full screened’ applications.  Works with x86/x64.
Auction Sidebar Tool
An eBay bid/watch monitor for items you’re buying or selling.  Great for making sure you stay aware of when the auctions are ending to ensure you’re the top bidder.  Clicking on an item provides a brief update.  Clicking and holding on an item provides an indepth “fly out” window about the auction. Also allows you to search for items and read your eBay mail.
A powerful calculator to keep on your desktop/sidebar to do quick math.
System Information
Keep your systems hardware, network, & OS details on the desktop at all times.
Generic countdown gadget for vacation, conferences, or anything you’re counting down to.
Drives Meter
A solid monitor for drive capacity across all drives on your system.
Indexer Status
Monitor & manage the Windows Indexing engine. Stop, start, accelerate, and see how many items are being indexed.
Longer Notes
Keep long stick’em notes on your desktop for things you constantly have to refer to. Priceless.
Multi Meter (Dual Core)
Shows OS bit level, RAM usage, Core activity in a tight little gadget.
Stocks 3.4
Monitor 20+ stocks in a small gadget using Yahoo stats. Provides valuation updates and shows updates in percentages or dollars.
Top Processes
Why use Task Manager? Show the 3+ most active processes on your system in a small gadget.
Twitter Explorer
The best Twitter client gadget I’ve found. Stable & compact.
Smallest most flexible Woot monitor. Purchase directly from gadget, auto-alert during Wootoffs, autobuy for Bag o’ Crap.
Online Services
Access Windows Live web-based services – Messenger, Mail, Skydrive, Contacts – all from a single gadget.


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