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BETA: Windows Intune Beta 2

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Microsoft Windows Intune PC Management & SecurityWindows Intune simplifies how businesses manage and secure PCs using Windows cloud services and Windows 7—so your computers and users can operate at peak performance, from virtually anywhere.

Windows Intune is a comprehensive solution that includes PC management, malware protection, Windows upgrades, and more.

Use the Windows Intune cloud service beta to:

  • Manage updates
  • Protect PCs from malware
  • Proactively monitor PCs
  • Provide remote assistance
  • Track hardware & software inventory
  • Set security policies


We had many partners in the first beta who told us they wanted to use Windows Intune to manage several of their customers all at the same time. Based on their feedback, we’ve added a feature in this beta called the Multi-Account Console, which is designed to help partners manage multiple accounts through the single Web-based console.

From the account selection screen, partners will have an aggregate view of the environments they manage, so they can easily monitor the status and health of client PCs, including Agent Health, Alerts, Anti-Malware, and Updates. Partners can change the filter to view by health status, so customers in need of urgent assistance will rise to the top of the list. This addition makes the experience simple for partners to scale and will hopefully save them time, and ultimately money.


The Windows Intune client software is supported on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of:

  • Windows 7 Enterprise, Ultimate and Professional
  • Windows Vista Enterprise, Ultimate, and Business
  • Windows XP Professional Service Pack (SP) 2 or SP 3 (recommended)

The Windows Intune client software has no additional hardware requirements for Windows 7 or Windows Vista-based computers. However, to install the client software on Windows XP-based computers you will need a CPU clock speed of 500 MHz or greater and at least 256 MB of RAM.

You will also require Administrator rights on the computer to complete the Windows Intune client software installation.

To access the Windows Intune Web console, administrators will need access to a Web browser that supports Silverlight 3.0, such as Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher.

Today we are also announcing pricing for Windows Intune. Windows Intune will include the cloud management service with integrated antimalware (AV and antispyware) plus Windows 7 Enterprise upgrade rights all in a single subscription for $11 USD per PC, per month.

Businesses get a great deal with Windows Intune for several reasons. Because Windows Intune is built on a cloud service, customers and partners can realize the benefits of having a modern PC management and security system without the upfront software licenses, server hardware, and IT labor costs that are required to setup a traditional on-premise solutions.


The purpose of this beta is to collect feedback and identify potential issues in advance of the final release. Thus only 10,000 accounts will be available. This number is limited so we can make certain that we get the feedback and testing required to ensure the quality of the final release.

To participate in the Windows Intune Beta, we ask that you meet the following requirements:

  • Deploy Windows Intune to manage at least five PCs.
  • Deploy and begin testing the beta within one week of signup.

Sound like you? Please sign up to use the Windows Intune Beta.



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