Posted by: kurtsh | May 23, 2010

INFO: Locking down your Facebook profile

image With all the fervor over Facebook’s consistent lack of respect for people’s informational privacy, I thought it appropriate to point to the resources I’ve been sharing with friend, customers, and coworkers.

  • Facebook Search
    In the worse cases, people that accept the defaults and fail to lockdown their Facebook profiles effectively expose virtually all their personal & profile information to the Internet.  This includes all their post and status updates.  This is a search engine that basically allows people to search specifically for keywords in these people’s Facebook accounts.  Search for phrases like, “drunk” or “embarrassing” or any number of other inappropriate things that people are posting publicly without their knowledge.
  • Map of Facebook privacy switches
    This graphics depicts all the switches that one needs to consider locking down when it comes to Facebook privacy.  EVERY “solid brown square” represents a setting within Facebook that should be checked or unchecked in order to protect one’s privacy.  This is a perfect demonstration of how complicated Facebook has DELIBERATELY made it for someone to protect their privacy on the site.
  • ReclaimPrivacy Facebook Lockdown Tool
    This has been a fantastic tool that’s only recently be released.  It’s script that enables you to automatically scan your Facebook profile and determine if you have settings that you need to lockdown.  It’s a little complicated however it requires that you ‘drag & drop’ a link from the page into your Favorites (the link contains a Javascript command that executes the scan) and once you’ve done that, you go to Facebook and click on the ‘scan’ link you created within Favorites.  This will tell you automatically if you have holes in your privacy and how to lock them down.


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