Posted by: kurtsh | May 20, 2010

RELEASE: New End-User Training for SharePoint Server 2010

image We’re pleased to announce the availability of a set of introductory end-user training courses for SharePoint Server 2010.

The online SharePoint Server 2010 training courses are video-based. Each course includes video lessons, a brief quiz (not scored), and a printable Quick Reference Card. You can take these training courses at your desk and your own pace by viewing them in a Web browser.

We are continuously updating and adding to our catalog of SharePoint Server 2010 training. If you are interested in taking additional training courses about SharePoint Server 2010, visit or bookmark our Training courses on

You can also stay updated on training and other content for end-users, site managers, and site designers by following @StartSharePoint on Twitter. We’re also interested in hearing from you, so feel free to comment on this or any post, or send us a Tweet.

If you’ve been following @SharePointWrTSF Twitter account (that’s me), I thank you for the follow, but we’ll be shifting our official content updates to @StartSharePoint. This Twitter name is easier to remember, and now my teammates will be joining in. I’ll still Tweet as @SharePointWrTSF, with a mix of SharePoint and my own activities. I’ll be honored if you stick around, but I understand if you need to streamline and follow just one account.

Interested in more resources to help you get started quickly? Here are more links:


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