Posted by: kurtsh | May 14, 2010

INFO: What does Microsoft do with our photocopy machines?

I’ve had this video sent to me over a dozen times now.  (Please – I’ve seen it.  No need to forward it again.)  It’s a video from CBS News depicting photocopy machines as security concern for companies because of the data it potentially retains on it’s hard drive of copies it’s made over it’s life span when it’s decommissioned. 

The accompanying question has been:  “What does Microsoft do to mitigate this potential risk?  Do you have a process?”

The answer is, YES, Microsoft has had a formal process to address this concern.  According to Microsoft Client Hardware Management:

Our campus has a drive destruction process as part of our program’s standards.  All of our U.S. public print hard drives are encrypted to protect the data while in use, and the drives are pulled and shredded when the printers are retired.

Here’s the video that this discussion originated from in case you haven’t seen it.


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