Posted by: kurtsh | April 27, 2010

INFO: Windows 7 Application Compatibility Microsoft Partners

ChangeBASE and App-DNA are Microsoft partners that have tools to assist you in detecting and resolving application incompatibilities. Both partners provide free testing for application compatibility—simply upload the app, it runs the test and sends a report back that tells whether it’s compatible or not, and if not, where the problems are. This is a simple, quick service that can be used to get an almost immediate snapshot of how compatible an application is with Windows 7.

image App-DNA
App-DNA has enterprise class software that can help:

    • Save months in application testing costs alone
    • Automate application virtualization for App-V and XenApp
    • Quickly help consolidate and optimize infrastructure and server farms helping to significantly reduce your data-center power consumption

    image ChangeBASE
    ChangeBASE AOK is a software company that has developed a suite of automated, highly innovative applications that hugely improve the time, quality, consistency, and cost of the test, remediation, and ongoing management challenges that companies face as they begin the process of migrating their applications from one operating system or deployment environment to another.


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