Posted by: kurtsh | August 25, 2009

HOWTO: Investigate slow I/O issues on Windows Vista/Windows 7

image Remember BOOTVIS for Windows XP? 

Well, it’s gone now but it’s been replaced by XPERF for Windows Vista/Windows 7, a tool that not many people know how to use to detect slow driver loads and latency in boot times or application loads.

The good news is that the Advanced Windows Debugging & Troubleshooting team has created a nice short little video that describes the process of using the XPERF tools to examine loading & executing processes.

“Here’s how you can use the Windows Performance Toolkit aka Xperf to investigate slow I/O issues on Windows 2008, Vista, and higher versions. Put the following into a batch file (modifying the -f to point the etl file generation elsewhere than the slow storage) and it will start a circular trace which can be stopped when the slow I/O occurs.”

VIDEO:  “Using XPERF to investigate slow I/O issues”

DOWNLOAD:  Windows Performance Toolkit

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