Posted by: kurtsh | August 23, 2009

RELEASE: New Active Directory Rights Management Services TechCenter!

imageIf you’ve been keeping your thumb on the pulse of Rights Management Services, which by the way is one of my two FAVORITE pet products here at Microsoft, (The other being Windows Media) you know that Rights Management’s resources have been sort of scattered all over the place.


Introducing the Active Directory Rights Management Services TechCenter
Finally, a one-stop shop for all things related to Rights Management!  Just look at some of the resources pointed to directly from this page:

Also pointers to:

  • Rights Management Services online discussion forum
  • Rights Management Services support blog
  • Rights Management Services product team blog
  • Rights Management Downloads
  • Rights Management Troubleshooting
  • Rights Management Virtual Labs
  • Rights Management Technical Resources like
    • Firewall Considerations
    • Client Requirements
    • Server Requirements
    • Federation Considerations
    • Database Prerequisites

This is a FANTASTIC resource for folks planning on deploying & supporting Active Directory Rights Management Services!

LINK:  ADRMS TechCenter

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