Posted by: kurtsh | June 1, 2009

VIDEO: Watch E3 coverage on G4TV 10:00AM PST

image Watch G4TV’s coverage of Microsoft’s press conference at The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)… live and commercial free… starting at 10:00AM Pacific! 

Our actual conference starts at 10:30AM and is scheduled to continue until 11:30AM but they’re gonna do a bunch of introductory stuff before the Microsoft’s press conference.

Yes, you should DVR it.   Go program it in now.  And yes, you should probably clear out space on your DVR.

Then check out the broadcast on Justin.TV.  Apparently, G4TV has partnered up with Justin.TV to broadcast the entire thing.  Archives available at  Now that’s cool.

Watch live video from G4TV – LIVE at E3 2009 on

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