Posted by: kurtsh | May 1, 2009

NEWS: Windows Mobile dominate US mobile developer activity, interest

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iGR,  a market strategy consultancy focused on the wireless and mobile communications industry has published some details of their 400 developer study of US based mobile developers.

Interesting, and contrary to the current received wisdom  Windows Mobile is well ahead of the other mobile OS’s in terms of developer activity and interest. Nearly 60% of the 404 developers were working on Windows Mobile software, versus less than 20% for the iPhone and RIM.

imageEven when it comes to future intention to develop, Windows Mobile is still the leading OS, with more work being planned on the OS than any other.


Now of course the question arises that if developers are so busy on Windows Mobile, where are the apps. iGR does not expand on this, but its likely many of these apps are never released to Handango, but are hard at work in warehouses and post rooms and a variety of enterprise roles.

See more information on this interesting study at the FiercelyWirelss webinar here.

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