Posted by: kurtsh | March 26, 2009

RELEASE: Microsoft Commerce Server 2009 announced

image Building on years of experience and proven performance, Commerce Server 2009 is a comprehensive e-commerce foundation for business-to-consumer and business-to-business scenarios.

If you have been running earlier versions of Commerce Server, read on to learn more about the many new, exciting, out-of-the-box capabilities in Commerce Server 2009.

  • Get your site up and running quickly with reduced time to market
    New Default Site and easy skinning features help get you into production fast, allowing you to focus on selling merchandise.

  • Benefit from centralized, cross-channel management
    Whether your customers shop using a computer, a mobile phone, a gaming system, or other channels, Commerce Server 2009 introduces full, multi-channel support, allowing you to centrally manage your cross-channel strategy.

  • Integration with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
    With more than 30 new Web parts and controls available, and integration with Windows Live Services, including Microsoft Virtual Earth, Commerce Server 2009 allows you to choose a range of new features and functions. The modular design allows you to quickly add or remove functionality without impacting the entire site.

  • Take advantage of role-specific functionality
    Commerce Server 2009 integrates with Office SharePoint Server 2007 through Commerce Services—a benefit for merchandisers and marketers. It also provides improved design templates and commerce Web parts and tools for site designers, while offering a new Commerce Foundation for developers and IT professionals.

  • Engage and interact with customers using enhanced Web 2.0 community features
    Use the contemporary, out-of-the-box Web site with built-in product reviews and ratings to interact with customers. Leverage the community functionality in Office SharePoint Server 2007 to further engage your customers through forums, blogs, and wikis.

  • Personalize your e-commerce experience
    With easy, standards-based design, extensibility, and integration capabilities, Commerce Server 2009 provides the flexibility to create e-commerce solutions that best suit your business needs.

  • Enhanced analytics
    Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, the reporting engine in Commerce Server, enables the creation, management, and delivery of both traditional, paper-oriented reports and interactive, Web-based reports displayed through Office SharePoint Server 2007. 

  • High availability and performance
    Support for Windows Server 2008 and 64-bit gives access to higher performance servers and helps you support large, complex catalogs.

  • Easy customization
    The new Commerce Foundation adds more out-of-the-box functionality and presents a new, unified working and extensibility model to allow for quicker customization and integration.

  • End-to-end connectivity
    Microsoft BizTalk Server Adapters help solve the issues of communication with other line-of-business applications and trading partners, allowing for bidirectional synchronization and orchestration of order, catalog, inventory, and profile objects.

  • Deeper ties with your legacy systems
    The new Commerce Foundation unifies the calling surface so you can easily add third-party, best-of-breed features, such as payment providers, fraud detection, address verification, tax services, and other services, into the unified calling model.



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