Posted by: kurtsh | February 20, 2009

DOWNLOAD: GImageX Beta for Windows 7

image If you’ve ever worked with Windows Disk Image files, you know that the traditional tool used are the IMAGEX.EXE utility a.k.a. the WIM tools which are entirely command line executables available from the Windows Automated Installation Toolkit. (  In an operating system that made itself famous through GUI tools, it’s a little unusual to find there’s no graphical version of these utilities available from Microsoft.

Enter GImageX.  GImageX is a GUI overlay which orchestrates the WIM tools so that you don’t need to type out long command line arguments to get them to do what you want.  It’s a free tool that is being made available from the folks that brought you AUTOIT scripting tools… tools for automating repetitive actions on Windows.

The new version 2 of this utility’s been retrofitted for compatibility with Windows 7 and the new command line arguments for the new ImageX tools.



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