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WHITEPAPER: Analyzing Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Usage

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The current version of SharePoint gives an administrator the ability to look into what is actually happening on a farm, how many users are active, how heavy are they using the system, what type of requests are coming in, what kind of clients, etc.  Much of this information is captured in the IIS logs.

Mike Wise who works on the Customer Advisory Team specializes in SharePoint capacity planning and architecture and his goal is to make SharePoint capacity planning more of a science and less of an art.  His whitepaper is the first step, concentrating on the descriptive side of the task and showing one powerful technique that can be used today to make SharePoint performance and capacity measurable.  You can count on seeing more papers, reports, and calculation methods building off his technique in the coming months.

Topics covered in the whitepaper:

  • Preparing the Analysis Machine
  • Preparing the Server Logs
  • Initial Queries
  • Counting Users
  • Load Balancing
  • User Types
  • Request (RPS) Distribution over Time
  • Distinct Users over Time
  • User Agent Distribution
  • Browser Usage Patterns
  • Office Client Web Service Usage
  • Slow Home Page Percentages
  • Import IIS Logs into SQL

You can download the whitepaper here:

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