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CONFERENCE: TechEd Preconference session for Windows CE, May 10th

imageDeep dive into Windows Embedded CE Tools and Standard Tools with Randy Rockinson, Douglas Boling, and others

TechEd 2009 Pre-conference Seminars
Sunday, May 10, 2009
Los Angeles Convention Center

Attend a full-day seminar of 300- and 400-level technical training on Windows Embedded CE 6.0 or Windows Embedded Standard 2009 and take home an ICOP board and SPARK Kit (value of $1300)—on us. The seminars are open to all—you do not need to be a TechEd attendee to register for the pre-conference days.

  • Who should attend: Experienced embedded developers; ideally with hands-on experience with CE 6.0/Standard 2009, or previous versions of these Windows Embedded products.

  • About the content: Choose from a full-day seminar about CE 6.0 or Standard 2009; each will have six modules led by Randy Rockinson, Douglas Boling and other Windows Embedded technical experts for the Windows Embedded technical team. During the day we’ll answer practical question and work through advanced scenarios. There are no labs as part of the pre-cons. Visit the TechEd site to read the abstracts.

  • Cost and Registration: US$400 for registered TechEd attendees; US$500 for non-TechEd attendees. Register via the TechEd site.



If you are an Embedded Systems hobbyist or you’d like to become one, sign up for the Windows Embedded “Spark Your Imagination” offer!  SPARK is a Windows Embedded offering for hobbyists:

  • We provide a full version of Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2.
  • A full version of Visual Studio Pro 2005.
  • You buy a SPARK-selected board from any of our 5 hardware partners.
  • You get the software and the hardware for the price of the board.

There’s no catch.  Just get your gear and go. No markup on the board. Be free. The only requirement is that any work you produce be strictly non-commercial. It wouldn’t be much of a hobbyist program otherwise.


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