Posted by: kurtsh | January 24, 2009

DOWNLOAD: Automatic Network Mappping plug-in for Visio 2007

image Free copy of automatic network mapping plug-in for Microsoft Visio 2007 for all Visio 2007 customers. Plug-in retails for $499, but is free until March 31, 2009.

LANsurveyor Express for Microsoft® Visio® is a powerful Visio 2007 plug-in that makes it easy to get comprehensive network maps in just minutes! Accessible via the Visio toolbar,

LANsurveyor Express automatically discovers your network and produces topology maps in Visio format. Plus, LANsurveyor Express uses Visio SmartShapes® to represent your network devices and populates each node’s custom properties with the node’s IP address, network name, and fully-qualified domain name

DOWNLOAD:  LANsurveyor Express (6.98MB)

(as taken from the Microsoft Incentives site)

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