Posted by: kurtsh | November 27, 2008

RELEASE: Business Productivity Online Services (Standard) Trial

imageWant your own datacenter-hosted services for:

  • Sharepoint Server 2007
  • Exchange Server 2007
  • Office Communications Server 2007
  • LiveMeeting 2008

I mean, why install your own?  Why not let someone else be responsible for the installation, maintenance, malware protection, power consumption, cooling requirements, bandwidth, administration, data backups, etc.?

Welcome to the glorious world of Microsoft Online Services.

I just got my own Online Services account with the ability to create 20 additional accounts for my “organization”.   This will provide my friends, my family, and well… anyone out there with not just my own rinkydink, piddly, little home server implementation, but 100% ENTERPRISE-CLASS CLOUD SERVICES that work with Outlook, Communicator, & Internet Explorer. 

…the same datacenter infrastructure that Coca Cola & Energizer uses for their corporate users.

image I have to admit I’m really stoked.  I don’t have to host a server in my home office and I don’t have to do anything other than let Microsoft take care of all the server upkeep.  In fact, I completely understand why so many companies are rushing to look at cloud services like Microsoft Online Services.  It’s basically “outsourcing for your datacenter” but with all the convenience of traditional Microsoft on-premise installations of Windows Server System products.

    Work with the same rich clients business users already know and use like Outlook & Communicator. All in one integrated experience, from virtually any device in almost any location.  Synchronized identities between corporate Active Directories & Online Services makes identity management much simpler.
    Cybertrust-certified and SAS70 approved.  Integrated with Forefront Security & Exchange Hosted Services.
    Operate on distributed geo-redundant network of tier-one data centers offering 99.9% scheduled uptime guarantee, backed by service-level agreements.
    Provide the tools your company needs with without requiring upgrades, patching, or new scaling installations.  Centrally administrable from a single point.

Interested in your own FREE 30 day trial account?  Visit:

For more information on the Business Productivity Online Services Suite (Standard) visit:


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