Posted by: kurtsh | November 19, 2008

RELEASE: Zune Firmware v3.1

image Yep.  Zune Firmware 3.1 has released for all versions of Zune devices.  30GB, 80GB, 120GB, 4GB flash, 8GB flash, and 16GB flash.

Technically, the Zune Desktop software should automatically detect that a new rev is available, but I’m told that it won’t necessarily detect & deliver the firmware to your device immediately.  I suspect this is the Zune teams way of parsing out the delivery to people slowly so that there isn’t a massive crush on the download servers of people trying to download 131MB of software.

Details at

image New features & changes:

  • Friendly user interface changes to Zune Social
  • Like-minded Listeners matches you with others with similar music tastes
  • Stability & performance improvements to both Zune Desktop client and Zune Device Firmware.
  • Improved/fixed playcount reporting
  • Improved/fixed content synchronization
  • Texas Hold ‘em update – Adds a multiplayer mode and some new single player difficulty levels
  • New gamesCheckers, Sudoku and Space Battle



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