Posted by: kurtsh | October 30, 2008

INFO: Microsoft Research’s Awards & Contributions

image I just caught wind of the awards that Microsoft Research (the second largest research lab of any private sector company) have received.  Check some of the awards given to our researchers.  I’d only heard of many of these back when I was in college.

For example… Gary Starkweather’s National Academy of Engineering award.
(For those who didn’t know, Gary invented the laser printer.  He’s since retired.)



So what exactly does all this research do?  Where does it turn up?  How does Microsoft & the world take advantage of all this “thinking”?  Here’s a few of my favorites:

  • Outlook 2007/Exchange Server 2007
    Computational puzzles for fighting spam. Outlook E-Mail Postmark applies a computational puzzle that acts as a spam deterrent to e-mail messages it sends. The puzzle is read by a receiving Exchange Server 2007 server as a check for the reliability of the incoming message, improving mail legitimacy and security.
  • Office OneNote 2007
    Phonetic audio search enables users to search for spoken keywords in audio recordings. By means of phonetic speech recognition, the audio search technology allows OneNote 2007 users to locate meeting recordings in which a certain topic is talked about, and to narrow down where exactly in the recording the words were said.
  • Halo 3
    TrueSkill is a skill-based ranking system for Xbox LIVE developed at Microsoft Research. The system identifies and tracks the skills of gamers to be able to assign them into competitive matches.
  • Microsoft Surface
    Multitouch and object recognition. A hardware- and software-based method for separately recognizing multiple objects that are placed on a display surface.
  • Audio watermarking and identification. Audio watermarking and identification technology licensed to Harper Security Consulting AS of Norway helps its forensic tracking of digitally distributed content. The licensed technology consists of digital audio watermarking and fingerprinting software tools that provide for the marking and decoding of audio files.