Posted by: kurtsh | September 24, 2008

INFO: Publishing Access databases to Sharepoint Server 2008

image Our Office Sharepoint Technology Specialist recently wrote something up for a customer of ours and I thought it was useful enough to share here.

The question is, if I want to move an Access database to Sharepoint to expose it’s data and functionality to others, how do I go about doing that?

Access databases can be upsized to SQL Server easily enough to provide enterprise scale & data integrity. However, you either still need to rely on Access forms and views for readwrite processes or create customer interfaces to expose the data to users.

Access 2007 offers a new approach where it can be “upsized” to SharePoint! (See the screenshot of Access 2007’s ‘Move to Sharepoint’ function above -ks) This offers enterprise scale as the data is centrally managed within SharePoint (whose data is technically stored in SQL Server) and it can be viewed and edited in the browser or back in Access. For most Access databases, It’s relatively simple to set up while offering great flexibility for the db owner and users.

I have included a couple of links below to introduce you to the concept…


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