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INFO: Tools for your Verizon Samsung i760

image A coworker of mine recently asked what tools I use and cherish on my Verizon Samsung i760.  Here’s a list of the things I consider invaluable.

Clean/Optimize/Free Up Memory
MemMaid is a tool that clears the IE Cache, frees up unallocated memory, and optimizes the device to keep it running quickly.

Create Macros for Typing in Frequently entered text
TapText is a TSR tool that sits there on the top of the bar and allows you to automatically record macros of text entry and recall those macros to automatically type in your email address, your autosig, etc.

Keep Phone Unlocked past 15 minutes
LockMeNot is a tool that sends a keyboard interrupt to the device to keep it alive.  This also of course prevents the screen from turning off but I think Cassio Goldschmidt, the author is working on that.!DA410C7F7E038D!3384.entry

Show Stock/Weather on Today Screen
JournalBar is a small compact Today plug in for Pocket PC that displays the weather for 1-15 different geographies over a 7 day span based on zip code of country name.  It will also display stock price for any number of companies and provide you with RSS pulled news into a small area of Today.

Kill Applications when you click “X”
PocketPlus has a TON of functionality however the best part is the ability to press the “X” button in the upper right hand corner and kill the current application.  We have it for free on http://wmstuff.

Take Voice recorded notes and Forward to Outlook Inbox
VoiceMinder now called Note2Self is a great tool that allows you to push a button, record your voice, and have it posted to your Outlook Inbox for you to later address.  The subject line of the email is the time/date stamp.

Read RSS Feeds with fast feed refreshing
Newsbreak is a great tool for reviewing RSS feeds.  What differentiates it from other Pocket PC Newsfeed readers is that it’s VERY FAST because it’s written in C++ relative to other tools that are written in .NET Compact Framework.

Provide WYSIWYG Internet Browsing with Flash
Skyfire is a free browser that provides not only zoomable browsing experience but also provides in frame streaming audio/video.  YouTube looks great!

Overclock your Pocket PC’s CPU
The i760’s clock speed is 399mhz normally out of the box.  Pocket Hackmaster is a tool that will not only allow you to boost the CPU clock speed to 450mhz which makes the device faster but uses more battery, but also have it “autothrottle” the CPU clock so that it lowers the CPU clock speed to 298mhz when you’re just reading mail or your schedule.  It’ll autothrottle the CPU up to 450mhz if you’re using a lot of processor for SlingPlayer or it’ll automatically switch clock speeds when you run a SPECIFIC user selectable program.

Remap buttons to other actions
AE Button Plus is the only tool that can capture and redirect a button press to another button, to the execution of a program, or the press of a keyboard key.  You can also map “single taps”, “double taps”, “triple taps”, and “holds” to different things for each button.

TIP #1: 
If you tether the i760 to your laptop you will likely need to do the following to ensure you maintain a consistent connection to the Internet:

  • Turn on USB Modem…
  • …then go to SettingsàConnections TabàConnectionsàAdvanced TabàSelect Networks Button
  • Change MyISP to My Work Network temporarily until you detether.  This will prevent the interruption.

The phone attempts to Activesync I believe causing the device to drop the connection and this will prevent it from doing so.

Tip #2:
If you need a USB charge & sync cable for the i760:


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