Posted by: kurtsh | August 28, 2008

BETA: Internet Explorer 8.0 Beta 2 – Faster, Easier, Safer

image Today the world’s most popular browser just got a whole lot better.
We launched in English, German, Simplified Chinese and Japanese, and then follow with another 21 languages in mid-September.  You can download Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 now at

Internet Explorer 8 is faster, easier and safer.  To get a feel for the new IE8 experience, check out the videos here, download the product, and try it out.  

Here are my 5 personal favorites:

  • Accelerators – Highlight an address, click the blue button and hover over “Map” or try Right Clicking a Page and Choosing Translate with Windows Live. Check out the new IE Gallery that has cool accelerators and slices from Digg to FaceBook to Ebay
  • Web Slices – Visit Live Search, search for “Seattle Weather” (or major city relevant to your region), hover over the rich search result and click the green button.  Click it to add a Weather Web Slice to your Favorites Bar.
  • Search Suggestions – Go to your Instant Search Box (top right) and type a search to see search suggestions in action.
  • Navigation – Use the new Smart Address Bar to quickly find sites you’ve visited before.  The Smart Address Bar searches your history, favorites AND feeds for pages that match what you’re typing.
  • Security:  IE8 has the best security features in the market today from its updated Smartscreen phishing and malware filter to domain highlighting to the industry leading cross-site scripting filter so I feel my machines, my identity and my family will be safer on the Internet.

FYI:  Here’s a few things that IE8.0 has that Firefox doesn’t:

  • Out-of-the box integrated Accelerators put your favorite blog, mapping, mail, search and other services a click-away
  • Built-in Privacy mode keeping you in control of what information you share and with whom, both on your PC and on the web
  • Rich visual search results and instant answers from partners like Wikipedia, New York Times, and Amazon
  • Intuitive tab grouping and color coding to mirror the way you browse and help organize your browsing experience
  • Automatic tab-level crash recovery for uninterrupted browsing

Download IE8 Beta 2 here today!


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