Posted by: kurtsh | July 25, 2008

TOOL: Protection against unsafe SSL Certificates (3rd party)

[This was important enough that I thought I should post this here]

Not all SSL-encrypted Internet connections are secure.  Just like how certain area codes (900) or prefixes (976) are not "free", there are SSL sites out there that people need to be aware of that are ultimately not secure & very vulnerable… and the worst part is the vendor or web site owner may not even know it.  The problem is that there are SSL certificates out there on Internet sites that leverage weak certificates that are very easy/trivial to crack, due to an error in the current distribution of Debian Linux.

Anyway, there is a tool that’s been released by ‘heise Online’ that installs into any Windows 2000/XP/Vista machine that automatically detects these weak SSL connections and pauses for input when it finds one.  Called Heise SSL Guardian, the tool can prevent you from going to a weakly protected site, and will even report the site back to heise Online itself.


Note that the tool only works for Windows & Internet Explorer.  If you’d like to download the tool go to:



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