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INFO: Famous Microsoft Employees

There’s had been a lot of discussion about Jim Gray, one of Microsoft’s best and brightest minds in database development.  (Jim was the target of a massive search & rescue after failing to return from a sailing trip on time – I wish his family the best.)

billgates Jim is recognized as the world’s thought leader in database development.  Formerly an IBM Researcher, Jim has been very important in the development and advancement of SQL Server technology at Microsoft.  The rearchitecture of SQL Server from 6.5 to 7.0 and beyond was driven by Jim Gray’s guidance.

In fact, Microsoft has a lot of famous employees within it’s ranks.  I’ve even met a few folks that wrote the very software that I used back in the BBS days.  Here’s a short list of some of the folks that I’m aware of.  I hope you find this interesting:

  • Alexey Pajitnov – Famed Russian Puzzle Designer & Creator of Tetris
  • Jim Gray – Father of the Modern Database & Pioneer in Database Scalability
  • Rakesh Agrawal – Inventor of modern Data Mining (TechFellow – Search Labs)
  • Peter Molyneux – Video Game Luminary, founder of Lionhead Studios
  • Ray Ozzie – Co-creator of Lotus Notes & Groove Networks
  • Jean Paoli – Co-Creator of the industry XML 1.0 Standard
  • Richard Garfield – Creator of Magic the Gathering
  • Scott Isaacs – Co-creator of AJAX development & DHTML standards
  • Ryan Parsell – Creator of Spaces, the world’s largest scalable blogging system
  • Dave Cutler – Creator of Windows NT & VAX/VMS
  • Jim Allchin – Father of Enterprise Directory Services, former directory services lead at Banyan
  • Tim Patterson – Creator of DOS & minimum memory programming technology
  • Gordon Bell – Leading Scalable Systems & Telepresence Researcher
  • Anders Hejlsberg – Creator of Delphi & father of C#
  • Mark Russonovich – Industry-recognized Windows Kernel & Internals expert
  • Michael H. Freedman – Pioneer in Quantum Computing research
  • Jim T. Kajiya – Pioneer of Modern Parallel Computing
  • Yousef Khalidi – Chief Architect of Sun Solaris & UNIX Clustering
  • Roy Levin – Creator & Lead developer of first Object Oriented Programming environment & language, Principal Scientist of Xerox PARC
  • Tarek Najm – Father of Microsoft’s adCenter, Recognized leader in advertising platforms research
  • Eric Traut – Thought leader in Virtual Machine Technology, creator of various virtual machine engines, created Apple’s 680×0 emulator for PowerPC, Sony Playstation emulator for PS2, etc.
  • Anders Vinberg – Father of CA Unicenter
  • Chuck Thacker – Co-Inventor of Ethernet-based networking, former Xerox PARC Researcher
  • Gursharan Sidhu – Inventor of the AppleTalk protocol
  • Rick Rashid – Lead developer of the Mach Kernel @ CMU (Foundation for Mac OS X)

UPDATE: (7/21 4:50PM)  Added Gusharan Sidhu & Rick Rashid on the recommendation of coworker.


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