Posted by: kurtsh | June 30, 2008

WHITEPAPER(s): Financial Services Security Docs from Microsoft National Security Team

image As part of its focus, the Microsoft U.S. National Security Team drives vertical security solutions for a wide range of industries and has produced a number of white papers that address the specific security needs of particular industries, such as the professional services and financial services industries.


Whitepapers available include:

  • Electronic Signature Assurance and the Digital Chain-of-Evidence
  • Enabling Secure Collaboration for Professional Services Firms
  • Establishing the Foundation of Authenticity for Electronically Stored Information
  • Information Protection Strategies For Financial Services
  • Optimizing Branch Office Security and Productivity in the Financial Services Sector
  • Secure Software Development for the Financial Services Industry
  • Securing the Retail Store-Securing the Data


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