Posted by: kurtsh | June 23, 2008

DVD: Springboard Whitepapers & Walkthroughs DVD available

scan0001We have a DVD that we published that is a compilation of every document and whitepaper on the Springboard web site. 

Springboard”, for the uninitiated, is a web site where we place all of our planning, testing, deployment, and management resources in a single location for Windows Vista.

Well, instead of making you download the whole thing, we put it on a DVD.  It’s not huge being that it’s mostly whitepapers, a walkthrough documents but it’s certainly worth a look see.

If you’re a customer of mine and are interested in getting a copy of the disc, send me a note and I’ll put one in the mail for you.  (You should already know how to contact me if you’re a customer of mine)



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