Posted by: kurtsh | June 20, 2008

RELEASE: Sharepoint Conference 2008 DVD Set

imageWe just released the Microsoft Office Sharepoint Conference 2008 DVD set… and it’s REALLY GOOD.

The DVD set contains two massive DVD’s of content from the March 3rd-6th, 2008’s Sharepoint Conference up in Seattle, WA.

Each are about 8GB in size (dual layer) and contains over 100+ presentations & sessions from the event.  It provides you with a nifty menuing system that allows the user to access each session’s:

  • Session Powerpoint (.pptx)
  • Windows Media Video Recording (.WMV)
    (Audio & Video of the session screen)

Additionally, there are other resources buried on the DVD’s including:

  • Office Sharepoint Server 2007 Standalone Training (141MB)
    D:Additional_ResourcesOffice SharePoint Server 2007 Training (Standalone Edition)
  • ALL Sharepoint Conference Hands-on-lab Manuals (Gobs of MB)
    D:Additional_ResourcesSPC 2008 Hands On Labs
  • Additional materials & software for specific sessions
    For example:
    ECMS308 – Extending SharePoint Designer with Custom Controls, WebParts, and Workflow Activities
    –> All custom controls, web parts, and demonstration material are included in a .ZIP file on the disc accessible from the menuing system


There are 7 categories of presentations:

– Keynotes
– Administration & Governance
– Business Applications & Solutions
– Collaboration & Social Computing
– Deployment & Migration
– Enterprise Content Management & Search
Interoperability & Business Process   

The cost of the disks if you didn’t attend the event are $499.  (The cost is discounted if you attended the actual event.)



(NOTE:  If you’re a customer of mine, I may be able to to “comp” a copy for you IF you’re responsible for a Sharepoint Server 2007 implementation within your company.  Please contact me directly if you meet this criteria and would like me to pursue getting a set for your organization.)


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