Posted by: kurtsh | May 30, 2008

VIDEOS: Visio Conference 2008 session recordings posted

<stolen from the Visio blog>
For anyone who wasn’t able to attend the Visio Conference 2008 this February or has been itching to show everyone else the cool things coming in Visio "vNext", the wait is over!  Videos from all the conference sessions are posted on  Click on the conference link in the bottom-right corner of the page – or follow the links below.

Each session consists of the PowerPoint slide deck, speaker audio and video of the demos.  Use the links below to jump to the sessions for each track:

For those specifically interested in Visio "vNext", here are the four sessions where we demonstrated some of the capabilities coming next release:

You should be able to click on a link and then click on Play.  The videos take a varying amount of time to load – a few minutes in some cases.  If you find that the UI frame around the slides / video is missing, try refreshing the web page.  This will reload the controls but the session will resume playing where you left off.


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