Posted by: kurtsh | May 30, 2008

INFO: About the Launch event copy of “Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition”


Some of you may recall that the copy of “Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition” (both 32-bit & 64-bit DVDs) that was handed out to attendees at the “Heroes Happen Here” launch event over the past few months has a special DVD label on it that reads:

Windows Server 2008 Enterprise
One Year Evaluation License
Microsoft Not For Resale

Well, it turns out that “PROMOTIONAL EDITION One Year Evaluation License” actually means something special: 

Apparently, while everyone in attendance assumed that the software was a 365-day time-bombed product that was limited by some technical element, it’s not.  There is no technically implemented time limit on the software

Translation:  It’s a full NFR copy of Windows Server 2008, however the “legal license” to use the software is 365 days and is not unlimited like previous NFRs.  Hence the term “Promotional Edition”.

So take heart in knowing that there isn’t any reason to worry that the software’s just going to up and "quit" on you in the future.  It’s the same software on the disc as if you’d picked up a retail copy.


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