Posted by: kurtsh | March 28, 2008

BLOG: A great blog for the Office & Sharepoint Professional in Business/IT

imageI usually don’t plug other people’s blogs but I’ve been watching Tiffany Songvilay’s blog "Office Over Easy" for a while and it’s not only good information, the content is very professionally done, it’s got very consistently sound advice that’s hard for anyone to dispute, and it’s on a single concentrated topic:  "Office System".

(The fact that Tiffany Songvilay’s also the co-author of "So that’s how! 2007 Microsoft Office System:  Timesavers, Breakthroughs, and Everyday Genius" should also demonstrate the professionalism & credibility she has.  Hey – there’s a at least one major publisher that trusts her – and that’d be the 600 lb gorilla of Microsoft literature, Microsoft Press.

One particular post that she made recently had her actual notes from the Microsoft Sharepoint Conference which she attended recently.  This is immensely valuable information for those of you who work with Sharepoint and the kind of thing that I’m surprised more people don’t do.  (Post their notes from conferences to their blogs… heck, I should do more of that myself.  Good idea Tiffany.)

So if you’re interested in all things "Office" or "Sharepoint" for Business or IT users, this is a good place to visit or subscribe:


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