Posted by: kurtsh | March 26, 2008

HUMOR: Windows Mobility Smackdown at TechReady 6

image I’m not sure I should be sharing this video but here it goes.

If any of you have ever wondered what it was like working at the world’s largest software company, I think this will be a nice peek behind the curtain for you.

Background:  TechReady 6
Twice a year, we at Microsoft have our own technical training conference called "TechReady".  Engineers & Specialists from the four corners of the globe fly into Seattle and go through a week’s worth of training during HUNDREDS of presentations, hands-on-labs, and chalkboard-ing sessions.  All the stuff is "MS internal only" meaning that ‘the good, the bad, and the ugly’ is laid bare about all our products, new and old.  What’s even better is it’s all LiveMeeting-ed, all the presentations are made available during the event, and you can sit down with the product group folks and really get a lot out of it. 

Basically imagine if going to an "uber-TechEd2008-on-steroids" was part of your job.  Nice ‘eh?

image The Smackdown
Anyway, one of the more famous sessions held at every event is something called "Windows Mobility Smackdown".  Put simply, it’s a session where the most interesting demos are shown, the latest hardware using Windows Mobile is revealed, and gadgetry of all types are actually given away.

Run by some friends of mine (Dan, Kevin, Jason), the Smackdown gets a little… wacky.  I mean if you want to talk about some fervor, passion and excitement look no further than the average Windows Mobility Smackdown session attendee.  These people are psycho and the funny part is that the rooms usually hold 300 people or so, and  you’re only seeing a small 5 minutes slice of video… so you can imagine how ridiculous the rest of the 85 minutes during the session gets.image

In fact, they show a couple interesting devices that you probably haven’t seen before in the video.  (Simply because they haven’t been released yet) But keep in mind that these are just a couple of the many devices that are shown.  So for the phone/PDA geek, this session is absolute paradise.

Anyway, check it out:  It’s a good glimpse into the world of Microsoft’s technology specialists.



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