Posted by: kurtsh | March 23, 2008

RELEASE: Attack of the Windows Mobile whitepapers

Looks like the Windows Mobile group unleashed their technical writers on to because there’s a ton of new whitepapers out there around deployment and security for mobile devices in the Enterprise.

  • Security Considerations for Windows Mobile Messaging in the Enterprise
    This paper discusses potential security risks in the mobile Enterprise, and how the network administrator can help protect the device by setting security policies using Exchange Server. It also describes security considerations on the device, the Exchange server, and the corporate network. This paper also describes how to perform common tasks, such as installing a certificate on a Windows Mobile powered device.
  • Deploying Windows Mobile 6 Powered Devices with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
    This paper provides step by step instructions about how to deploy Windows Mobile 6 in an Exchange Server 2007 environment. Additionally, it describes new Enterprise features, network architecture scenarios, best practices, and procedures for implementing a mobile messaging system with Exchange Server 2007 and Windows Mobile powered devices that run Windows Mobile 6.
  • Security Model for Windows Mobile 5.0 and Windows Mobile 6
    This paper describes all security policy settings in Windows Mobile powered devices. It also describes permissions, levels of security, and how policies and roles work together. This paper also describes certificates and security services for Windows Mobile 5.0 and Windows Mobile 6, and some common scenarios, such as wiping or locking a device.
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Deploying Windows Mobile-based Devices with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 SP2
    This paper presents essential elements of a mobile messaging system, including system requirements; a summary of deployment procedures; an overview of MSFP; an introduction to direct push technology; a summary of ISA Server 2006 features; and best practices for networking, security, and device management. It also provides guidelines and resources for the deployment of a mobile messaging system, including updating Exchange Server 2003 SP2, setting up Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync for mobile access, creating a protected communications environment, setting up an ISA Server 2006 environment, and procedures for setting up and managing mobile


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