Posted by: kurtsh | March 21, 2008

NEWS: Technet Magazine to include dedicated Sharepoint Services column

TechNet Magazine CoverThe bad news is that Technet Magazine, Microsoft’s industry magazine for IT Professionals, will be losing one of it’s columns. 

The Cable Guy was a popular column/article series that focused on Windows Networking technologies – the last of which focused on Network Access Protection from Windows Server 2008, written by Joseph Davies, Technical Writer for Microsoft, so you know the articles were pretty good. (The writer had to change posts within Microsoft and didn’t have time for the column)

The good news is they’re replacing the column with one dedicated to SHAREPOINT.  Entitled "Inside Sharepoint", Sharepoint administrators will now have a consistent article source in Technet Magazine providing hints and in depth looks at different ways to expand Sharepoint usage.

What’s that?  You don’t GET Technet Magazine?  Sheesh.  I’ve only written about how to get a free subscription a couple dozen times.  Here it is again:  For those of you who’ve been too lazy to subscribe, even though I’ve told you the subscription is totally free, here’s the link to get a free subscription to the semi-monthly publication, sent straight to your doorstep.



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