Posted by: kurtsh | February 12, 2008

INFO: Office to no longer have “slipstreamed” releases

We no longer provide slipstream media for Office releases.
(Couldn’t remember if I posted this before so here it is.  I was surprised by this info so I thought I’d share it.)

From the recently released 2007 Microsoft Office System Service Pack 1 White Paper (Page 27)

Design Changes for 2007 Office System Update Deployment

The Setup architecture for clients that run the 2007 Office system has changed significantly from past versions of Microsoft Office. Design changes affect the way that updates, including service packs, are deployed. Significantly, Microsoft Office no longer supports the Administrative installation source that can be updated. This means that administrators can no longer deploy updates by using a slipstream technique; updates must be chained in the deployment via the Updates folder.

Updates for the 2007 Office system now require the use of a local installation source so that each client has a local set of source files. Therefore, client patching is the recommended method for managing these updates. During the initial installation of the product, the source files are copied to the local hard drive, and then the actual installation uses that set of files as the installation source. Because the set of files located in a hidden folder (MSOCache) can become damaged, it may be necessary to access the original installation source to repair the MSOCache folder. To minimize the need for repairing the local installation source in this scenario, the 2007 Office system SP1 client packages provide full replacement of files being updated. There is additional information concerning this scenario in the 2007 Office Resource Kit at (Required local installation source for the 2007 Office system). 

Here’s a link to the full paper:


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