Posted by: kurtsh | February 11, 2008

3RD PARTY: “Watch Now” for NetFlix & Windows Media Center

Must… get… plug in!  (Heck, now I have to go get a Netflix subscription too!)

Imagine having your Windows Media Center up on your big screen TV, and being able to click through all the Netflix movies available. 

Now imagine selecting a Netflix movie for rental, and then clicking on a big "WATCH NOW" button that enables you to watch the movie over your Internet connection before it even hits your doorstep through the mail.

Granted, not all movies are available with "WATCH NOW" capability since they have to be specifically streamable from Netflix but for the ones that they’ve been able to post so far, this is a great start for a consumer-on demand experience that can be used by ANY PC user with ANY Internet connection.

If Netflix keeps up with the Jones’ and manages to get some serious content available for "WATCH NOW", this could be the next big thing in terms of on-demand availability.

Next up:  HDi content.  Also known as HD DVD menuing & interactivity.




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